Finding & Evaluating Health Information on the Internet

Category: Data and Information Systems

There are three sections in this course:

  • Section 1: Evaluating Health Information on the Internet
  • Section 2: Utilizing Databases for Finding Health Information on the Internet
  • Section 3: Education and Training Opportunities

There are review questions at the end of each part. These review questions will provide you with an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills presented in these parts. For a full description of requirements for receiving a Certificate of Completion, please go to the Certificate of Completion page.

Intended Audience

public health administrators and nurse administrators who are relatively new in their positions (3 years or less) and who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify regional and national public health training opportunities
  • Locate public health information resources on the Internet
  • Explain how to enhance searching in electronic resources
  • Evaluate health information on the internet using standard criteria


Pre-requisites/Learning Level

No pre-requisites

Competencies addressed

Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals identified

Domain 1: Analytical/Assessment Skills

  • 1A1. Identifies the health status of populations and their related determinants of health and illness (e.g. factors contributing to health promotion and disease prevention; the quality, availability, access to, and use of health services)
  • 1A4. Uses methods and instruments for collecting valid and reliable quantitative and qualitative data
  • 1A5. Identifies sources of public health data and information
  • 1A11. Uses information technology to collect, store, and retrieve data

Domain 3: Communication Skills

  • 3A3. Identifies the health literacy of populations served (e.g. language, attitudes, beliefs, access to health information)

CEUs Offered





Online Self-Pace


1 hour

Presenter(s) and/or Content Experts

Christopher Childs, MS

Technical requirements:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Flash Player 
  • Speakers

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May 21, 2013