Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Category: Conflict Management

Contact: Brandi Bordelon
Phone: (504) 988-1342

Conflict management skills are used in all aspects of life.  From interpersonal to work situations, all of us need these skills in one way or another.  Some of the fundamentals of effective conflict management are intuitive, and some stretch our preferred methods of dealing with others.   


  • Identify the six keys to managing conflict in the workplace.
  • List some root causes of workplace conflicts.
  • Identify the fundamentals of principled negotiations.
  • Describe the four steps for managing workplace conflict.
  • List the steps to take when planning for a conversation about conflict.
  • State the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior.
  • Explain the value of the "long term relationship" in managing workplace conflict.
  • Describe how the four style preferences react to conflict.
  • Explain the techniques of good listening skills for managing workplace conflict.

Delivery Modality:

Online course composed of five sessions.

Intended Audience/Level of Training:


Course Length:

3 hours. You have 7 weeks from the day you enroll to finish this course. This course is self-paced



Continuing Education Units (CEU):



Conflict Management 2.1.  Apply problem-solving techniques to identify the problem, determine solutions and implement a solution/response.