Serving Diverse Communities: Building Cultural Competence and Humility into the Workplace

Category: Public Health Professional

The content of this course includes:

  1. Introductions to culture, cultural competence, cultural humility.
  2. Resource demonstrations that you can use to help build a more culturally competent and humble workplace.

You will have the opportunity to watch the demo of accessing these resources.


One hour

Intended Audience

Public health professionals and healthcare providers interested working with non-native English speakers that needs to provide access to reliable health information.

Learning objectives

At the end of this training module, you will be able to:

  1. Define culture, cultural competence, and cultural humility;
  2. Describe the differences between cultural competence and humility; and
  3. Utilize three online resources that you can use to help build a more culturally competent and humble workplace.

Pre-requisites/Learning Level

No pre-requisites

Competencies addressed

Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals

Domain 3: Communication Skills

  • Cultural Competence: 4A1 – Describes the concept of diversity as it applies to individuals and populations (e.g., language, culture, values, socioeconomic status, geography education, race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, profession, religious affiliation, mental and physical abilities, historical experiences)

Public Health 3.0

  • Foundational Infrastructure – Focusing on equity and cultural competence

CEUs Offered

Is offered part of the series, 1.0 hour of MLA CE (Medical Library Association)




Online Self-Pace

Presenter(s) and/or Content Experts

Derek Johnson, MLIS

Technical requirements

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 
  • Flash Player 
  • Speakers

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Creation and/or update

Released August 2018